Manage Codes As User With BP

In this documentation, you'll learn how to see all the codes your users have, either active, disabled, or spent ones, and how they can manage them, with the BuddyPress addon.

For this documentation to work you need to have  All In One Invite Codes BuddyPress Integration, and BuddyPress plugin.

To know how to download the addon, please go to this documentation: Add-Ons Download.

To download the BuddyPress plugin, please go here:

Logged in on the site, go to your user name icon, located at the top right side of the WordPress screen, click in profile, and then in view.

Once in there, click on the Invite Friends tab and then on the Single Invites tab. You'll be able to see all your invite codes either active, disabled or spent ones.

Also in the Invite Friends tab, if you click on the Sent Invites tab, you'll see all your Sent Codes, to whom you send them, and if those codes are used, active or disable.

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