Use an Invite Code as Invited User

In this documentation, you'll learn how to use an Invite Code to register in its origin Site.

To do this, you need an Invite Code sent to you from the original site where you want to register on.

Step #1:

If someone sent you an Invite Code, most probably, you'll see an email like this in your Inbox.

The content of the email will be like this and will have a link attach to it. Click on it.

Step #2:

You`ll be redirected to the Register For This Site page with the Invitation Code already on it. (It´s important to keep the [site_name] and [invite_link] codes when you send the Invite).

Enter the username of the new user and click Register.

Step #3:

You´ll get an email like this with the login details of the new user, click on it.

You´ll see the information about the new user. Click on the first link

You´ll see the Enter your new password page. Create a new password, in this case, example2.

Login with the new password

You´ll be redirected to the new user My Account page. This means that you successfully registered on the site.

If you go to the My Invite Codes page, you'll see that you'll have your own invite codes, if the admin decided to give you away codes.

To know how to give away codes, please go to Send Codes As Admin documentation.

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