Send Codes as User

In this documentation, you'll learn how your users can send Invite Codes to other users.

For the purpose of this explanation, we'll assume that you are a User on your own site, trying to invite another user.

There are two ways from which your users can send their own invite codes to other users.

Way #1

This explanation assumes that you (admin) have a My Invite Codes page created, where your users can see their own codes. If you don't know how to create a page where the user's invite codes are displayed, please read the Display User's Invite Codes documentation.

Step #1:

Logged in on the site, click on My Invite Codes located on the Home's Header (default)

Step #2:

You'll see all their available Invite Codes. On an active one click on Invite a Friend Now. 

You'll see three textboxes.

To: write an email here, like

Subject: the subject of your invitation

Message Text: Here is a pre-generated text with two codes [site_name] and [invite_link], along with some text.

Finally, press Send, located at the bottom of the three text boxes.

You´ll see that the first Invitation Code now has the text "Invite was sent to:", instead of "Invite a Friend Now", which means that the code was spent. You can't use a code more than once.

Way #2

This second way involves the  All In One Invite Codes BuddyPress Integration, therefore you need to have it installed, along with the BuddyPress plugin.

To see this document please click here: Send Codes As User With BuddyPress Add-On.

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