New Users Log In

Before You Start:

- Al the documents in the category All In One Invite Codes are a series, so in order for anyone to work you need to have followed the previous one.

Step 1:

Go to a browser, different from the one you are using to work on your site, and visit your site. Add wp-admin at the end of the address, so you can access the login screen.

Step 2:

Go to the register page, located at the bottom left of the login box

Step 3:

Insert a previously generated code and create a Username and an Email, and click in register.

You should see the registration complete screen after.

Step 4:

Go to Local environment and click on Utilities.

Step 5:

on utilities click open MailHog.

Step 6:

On MailHog you´ll have the register request that you just send, click on it.

Step 7:

The content of the email should be the register request, along with two links. Click on the first link, which is a request for the creation of a new password.

Step 8:

Create a new password and click Reset Password.

You should see the password has been reset screen

Step 9:

Go back to MailHog and check the new email, which is a reset password request, click on it.

Step 10:

The content of the email will be the confirmation of the password change for the user you just created.

Step 11:

Go back to the login page of your site, remember to do it in another browser, different from de one you are working on your site.

Insert the recently created user and password and click login

Step 12:

You should get redirected to the personal account of the newly created user.

If in the Invite Code generation you decide to give away X amount of codes, the new users should have them as well, so they can invite themselves.

Please, if you have any trouble following these instructions communicate with us, we are here for you!

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