User Management

Before You Start:

- Al the documents in the category All In One Invite Codes are a series, so in order for anyone to work you need to have followed the previous one.

In the Tree View Tab, located on the left side of the screen, below the Invite Codes main tab, you can manage all your users, invite codes, and see the Users Tree so you´ll know who invited whom.

In Tree View, you´ll see three more tabs.

General Statistics Tab

Here you can check the number of Published Codes, the trashed, the inherited codes, and some other information about the community.

Invite Codes Tree Tab

Here you can see all the  Published  Codes, and how are being inherited by the users.

If you click on any Code, you can modify all of its characteristics or trash them.

User Tree Tab

Here you can see all your Invited Users and the ones with the capability to invite others. You can manage their Codes, trash them, and manage the users by clicking directly on them.

Please, if you have any trouble following these instructions communicate with us, we are here for you!

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