Display User Invite Codes

In this document, you will learn How your users can see their own display codes. Those codes could have been given away by you or other users with your authorization.

If you want to know how to give away codes to users, please visit this documentation: Generate and Configure Invite Codes.

You have two ways for your users to see their own Invite Codes and invite new users themselves. 

Way #1

Step #1

The first way is to create a new page by clicking on Pages, and then click on Add, located on the left upper side of the screen.

Step #2

Create a title for the new page, for example,  My Invite Codes.

Click on the + sign, just below right the just created title, and click on Shortcode. If you cant´s see Shortcode, look for it in the search bar.

Step #3

On the Shortcode box, type or paste this code: [all_in_one_invite_codes_list_codes_by_user] This code will display all the Invite Codes belonging to any given logged in user.

Step #4:

To test if the page is well configurated, go to a different browser and log in to your site with an invitation code, as we explain in the New Users Login Documentation,

Paste the URL of the new page, in this case, will be http://tktestingsite.local/my-invite-codes/

If you have chosen to give away Invitation Codes, the users will see their own codes here.

Extra: For your user to be able to access to My Invite Codes page, you have to make it available in the header or the footer.

Way #2

Se second way is with the All In One Invite Codes Buddy Press Integration, where the users can see their invite codes directly from their profile

Step #1

Go to your user name icon, located at the top right side of the WordPress screen, click in profile, and then in view.

Step #2

Once on your profile page, click on Invite Friends and then on Single Invites.

There you'll see all your available and spent invite codes.

As you can see in the picture, there is one available code and the other already spent. (surely to create some other part of this documentation!)

The second method is better because is shorter and doesn't involve the creation of a page nor any other action.

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