Send Codes as Admin With BP

In this documentation, you'll learn how to send Invite Codes as admin with the All In One Invite Codes BuddyForms Addon.

For this method to work, you'll need to have the All In One Invite Codes BuddyForm Addon and BuddyForm plugin installed on your WordPress web.

To know how to download the addon, please go to this documentation: Add-Ons Download.

To download the BuddyPress plugin, please go here:

There are two ways from which you can send codes as admin with the BuddyPress addon.

Way #1 - Single Invites

Step #1

Go to your user name icon, located at the top right side of the WordPress screen, click in profile, and then in view.

Step #2

Once on your profile page, click on Invite Friends and then on Single Invites.

If you have available invite codes, click on Invite a Friend Now in one of them.

Step #3

Three textboxes will be displayed.

To: Type an email here

Subject: Subject of the message.

Message Text: The body of the message with whom you want to invite a friend. It's important to always leave, somewhere, the two codes present there, if not, the invitation will be broken.

Finally, press send. This will send this message along with the invite code to the inbox of the email you have entered in the To textbox.

The email with the invite code is the same as in the Way 1#.

Way #2 - Multiple Invites

Step #1

Just like in the previous method, inside the profile page - > Invite friends(1), but this time in the Multiple Invites tab(2).

Here you have the option of sending multiple invites just by filling the textboxes and clicking send.

Recipient Name: Name of the recipient person or company (3)

Recipient email: email address where your message is directed (4)

Invite Amount: Quantity of invite codes that the new user will have once he creates a new user on your page. For their own use. (5)

Subject: Subject of the message (6)

Message text: The body of the message. Remember to always keep the two shortcodes that are in the custom message! (7)

There is no need to generate a new invite code because it will be generated automatically. You can send as many codes as you want, just click on the + sign(8) in the bottom right corner of the form.

Finally, click send(9) and all your invite codes will be sent to their recipients.

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