3-Administration Tab "Profile Field Sync"

The tab Profile Field Sync is where you can find all related to sync user data from Wordpress to BuddyPress. Check the next images. 

Let me explain to you each section. :)

The bottom image explains an important function, it syncs a Wordpress user with BuddyPress. For example, if you create the Billing and Shipping groups and you need to grab the user information from Woocommerce into BuddyPress this is your function. 

The next function is responsible to change the visibility of all fields inside. Important for this work the section "Allow Custom Visibility Changed by User" needs to set for "Let member change this field's visibility". 

This section will set the default visibility for all Woocommerce Fields inside BuddyPress.

The next function is related to the set if the user can change the visibility over the fields. 

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