Woocommerce For BuddyPress is the big name of this plugins, but we like to use the short name WC4BP. The name self-explains what they do. But here you can go more deeply and check what you can expect when installing it. 

This will sound familiar, you have the  Woocommerce My Account and the BuddyPress Profile space and is complicate to your users to check his History or the Order list from Woocommerce and edit his profile in the BuddyPress way. 

With WC4BP you will resolve the account issue you face if install Woocommerce and BuddyPress in the same site. 

The plugins come 3 license plans FREE/PROFESSIONAL/BUSINESS. All the documentation is on the base of the PRO version, and the difference with the free is some functions are not available, you can check it when you will buy the plugin.  

This plugin migrates all default tabs from Woocommerce My Account inside a new Shop tab belong to BuddyPress, you can check it in the next images. 

But this is not the only function you will win. Is possible turn on/off almost all default tabs coming with WooCommerce. 

What next. Go for it,  install

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