1-Administration Overview

The plugin has an administration where all the setting can be found. This administration is organized by tabs. In a base of the license, you have installed you will have more available options. 

This administration can be found in the WordPress backend, on the left menu where say WC4BP Setting. When you click in there more submenus will be shown. 

I will explain each option. 

WC4BP Setting, is the default option, is the place where we can find all the setting related to the plugins. 

Status is the place where you can share with us some information related to the behavior of the plugin, like the error the plugins record. Or you can use to help yourself to find any error related to small issues like no page generated. 

Account, there you can find any related information with your account in our system, like Address, Billing, your plan. Also, you can update any of the info you find there. 

Contact Us, is the place where you can reach us, this is a special place because there you can send to use a different kind of information, like the credential to login into your site. 

Add-Ons. This option is super special because there you can find the other integration we already have for this plugins, and in the same place you can buy it. 

Pricing. In this place, you can change your plan. 

Next images represent the current status of the menus explains above. 

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