2-Administration Tab "WC4BP Settings"

Most of the changes in this tab are related to Woocommerce. The next images had taken using a Professional license, and all functionalities appear unlocked. With other licensed the available function will work as you can read in this document. 

In this tab we have different sections.

  1. Shop Settings
  2. Remove My Account Tabs
  3. Remove Shop Tabs
  4. Turn off the profile sync
  5. Override the Content of the your Shop Home/Main Tab

All the tab come by default Turned On. You can continue reading to get an idea of each of the above sections. 

Shop Settings

This section only have 2 options.

The option  Turn off Shop, have the ability to stop all the integration related to the Shop Tab. Like the Shop tab in the front-end, the top admin bar and all the redirections. 
The option Turn off 'Shop Tab' inside "Settings" for the activity stream settings. This disable the Shop setting tab inside the BuddyPress Setting. Look in the next image.

Remove My Account Tabs

This section contain all the Woocommerce My Account tab. It only include the default tabs coming from Woocommerce, that mean if you install Woocommerce Subscription or other Woocommerce extension it not include it. 

If you check on one of the checkbox the corresponding tab will be disable inside the BuddyPress Shop tab. 

Important All this tabs have his own page in wordpress. Then if some of that page are delete or unpublish, the tab will not work.
This page are available only for login users and automatically redirect the user to the BuddyPress tab in question. 

They are easy to identify. Check the next image. 

Remove Shop Tabs

This section are responsible for the Woocommerce system tab. The main idea of all this tabs is to move the Woocommerce functionality inside BuddyPress. If you disable one of them they will return to the normal behavior of Woocommerce. 

Turn off the profile sync

This option remove the Shipping and Billing group from BuddyPress Profile Group, automatically this tab will disappear from the Profile Edit and the sync will be stop. 

Overwrite the Content of your Shop Home/Main Tab

This section is to select the default tab when the user arrive to the BuddyPress Shop tab. The default option is the Cart tab but if it is off the next tab will take the place and apply the same for the next. 

This dropdown are the result of all available tab for the front-end. It take in count all Woocommerce My Account, Woocommerce Shop tabs and the custom tabs. 

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