Display Member Invite Codes

In this document, you will learn how to give away Invitation Codes so your users can invite new ones on their own.

Step 1:

In order for your users to see their own Invite Codes and invite new users themselves, you need to create a new page by clicking on Pages, and then click on Add, located on the left upper side of the screen.

Step 2:

Create a title for the new page, for example, My Invite Codes.

Click on the + sign, just below right the just created title, and click on Shortcode. If you cant´s see Shortcode, look for it in the search bar.

Step 3:

On the Shortcode box type or paste this code: [all_in_one_invite_codes_list_codes_by_user] This code will display all the Invite Codes belonging to your users.

Step 4:

Go to the browser you have logged into your site as a User, and paste the URL of the new page, in this case, will be http://learningagain.local/my-invite-codes

If you choose to gave away Invitation Codes, the users will see their own codes here.

Step 5:

Click on Invite a Friend Now. You´ll see three text boxes.

To: write an example email here, like example2@example.cl

Subject: the subject of your invitation

Message Text: Here is a pre-generated text with two codes [site_name] and [invite_link], along with some text.

Finally, press Send, located at the bottom of the three text boxes.

You´ll see that the first Invitation Code now have the text Invite was sent to: example2@example.cl instead of Invite a Friend Now.

To modify the pre-generated text go to the Invite Message (link) document.

Step 6:

Go to MailHog again and you´ll see that the email sent to example2@example.cl is now in the Inbox. Click on it.

Step 7:

The new user will receive the invitation in form of an email with a link attached to it. Click on the link

Step 8:

You´ll be redirected to the Register For This Site page with the Invitation Code already on it, that´s why it´s important to keep the [site_name] and [invite_link] codes when you send the Invite.

Enter the username of the new user, in this case, Example2, the email example2@example.cl, and click Register.

Step 9:

You´ll get an email in MailHog with the login details of the new user, click on it.

You´ll see the information about the new user. Click on the first link

You´ll see the Enter your new password page. Create a new password, in this case, example2

Login with the new password

You´ll be redirected to the new user account page

Basically, the process has started all over again.

You can see that the new user has 5 new Invite Codes to use.

In this simple way, you can generate a community for your site and manage it to your liking, and it´s also pretty easy!

Please, if you have any trouble following these instructions communicate with us, we are here for you!

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