General Settings

In this documentation, you'll learn how to use the general settings of the All In One Invite Codes plugin.

Invite Codes General settings configuration

Add Invite only Validation to the WordPress default Registration Form: If enabled the invite codes will work only in the default WordPress registration page, and will not work in any other custom registration form that you might have on your site.

How many new Invite Codes should get generated after a new user is activated?: You can select here how many new codes your user will have after they register on your site using an invite code.

So when the new users use their codes, they will be able to invite others in the amount you define here

Invite Codes Mail text Templates

Subject: You can define here a template subject for the invite codes message. This subject will be usable for both admin and users.

Message Text: You can define here a template for the body of the message of the invite codes. This body will be usable for both admin and users.

Important: If you modify this text, always keep the two shortcodes [site_name] and [invite_link]. If not, the invitation will be broken.

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