How to recreate the Billing and Shipping groups

Sometimes we lose or delete the Billing and Shipping groups and we want to recreate again. This issue is easy to face from the setting page. 

The first you need to do is go to the WC4BP menu option in the Wordpress administration. If you don't remember you can refresh this knowledge following the next link,

In the administration you need to focus in the WC4BP Setting tab, there you need to look to for the section Turn off the profile sync and check that option, Save the changes. This time nothing is fixed, this is not enough because this option will remove the Billing and Shipping groups and they don't exist.

The fix will happen when you uncheck the option and save the changes again. This time the plugins will create the groups for you. 

Also, you maybe be interested in sync all your user profiles. You can read more in the specific in the first section.

I hope this helps you :)

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