How to sell an Invite Code

Our extension gives you the possibility to sell invitation codes to your users. To achieve this, you must create a new product and check the option "A new Invite Code will be created when this product is purchased". Once you have saved the changes, you must also specify the number of codes that will be generated at the time of completing the purchase:

It is necessary to take into account that the code will be generated only when the purchase process has finished, that is, when the status of the order is "Completed". To check the status of the order, just click on WooCommerce > Orders. Here you can see and manage all the orders created.

To change the status of the order to "Completed" you just have to click on the desired order and within the new screen displayed, select the new status and click "Update".

That is all! Once the order status is updated, the amount of codes specified will be generated.

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