GDPR Compliant feature - Pro version

In this documentation, you'll learn why the pro version of TK Google Fonts is GDPR compliant in comparison with the free version and most Google Fonts plugins, which are not.

What is the GDPR?

European Union General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a set of laws aiming to protect EU citizen's digital rights. These laws are binding for anyone who collects, stores, use or sell EU citizen's digital information, regardless of your company country of origin.

You can read our take about the GDPR here: The European Union General Data Protection Regulation

To know more, visit the official GDPR's page:

Why is TK Google Fonts GDPR Compliant?

When a Google Font is displayed on your page, the asses are directly downloaded from the Google Servers. Each time that query is made the Google services can acquire the IP address of the page making the query and its visitors as well. This way, the information of your webpage visitors is constantly being shared with a third party, which is Google. This is a violation of the GDPR and a punishable action. 

With the new pro version feature, the assets are now stored and loaded locally, in the same server your site is hosted, so no request is being sent to Google nor any other third party server, hence the information remains in the same server you are using.

You can download the plugin here: Google Fonts downloading page

Remember to always be vigilant when handling European citizens' digital information. 

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