Add and Manage Google Fonts

The TK Google Fonts Admin Screen

In the TK Google Fonts admin screen you can manage the Google fonts used on your site. 
Keep in mind that every font needs to be loaded and this will reduce your page speed.

We recommend to use around 1-3 fonts for your theme. 

In the admin screen you can:

  1. Preview Google Fonts
  2. Add New Fonts
  3. Delete Fonts

Select new fonts to add from the dropdown

In the font selector you have a small preview of the Google Fonts.

Preview your selected font

After you have selected a font, the preview section will be automatically refreshed with the selected font style.

Preview with your custom text

Add your custom text into the textfield with live preview!

Save and delete

You can save a new font by pressing the "Add Font" button. 
The added fonts will be displayed under "Manage Fonts" 
To remove a font, just click on "delete" right to the font name. 

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