How to Activate - Deactivate my License

After you have installed and activated the plugin you should have a new Settings Page available in your WordPress admin to enter your License Activation. 

License Activation

just enter your API License Key and API License Email into the form and save your settings.

After you have successfully saved your settings, there should be two green chippings right to the API License Key and API License Email field.

License Deactivation

If you like to deactivate a activated domain, just klick on the License Deactivation Tab and check the checkbox.

Deactivates an API License Key so it can be used on another blog.

After you have saved your settings your License will be reset and can be used for a other domain.

Manage License Deactivation from your ThemeKraft Account 

You can also manage your license directly from your account on the ThemeKraft site.

Your account can be find here:

All your purchased license and activations are listed in your account and you can delete activated domains to use them on another domain. For this, just click delete on the listed domain which you want to deactivate.

Trouble Shutting: 

If you try to activate your license and run into any unexpected issue or your license key was deactivated for any reason, follow this steps:

  1. Go to Plugins, deactivate the plugin, then reactivate it. This clears out the API Key data.
  2. Go to, login, and delete the activations for your plugin, so you can reactivate the plugin on your web site.
  3. Go to the plugin API Key activation page and enter your API License information to reactivate the plugin or theme.

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