WooCommerce 2.1 Endpoints and the BuddyPress Profile

From version 2.1 on WooCommerce got rid of most pages and uses endpoints instead.

If you are interested in understanding WooCommerce endpoints, see here:  http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-endpoints-2-1/

In earlier versions of WooCommerce we could add any sub page (now endpoints) as page to BuddyPress or everywhere else.

Before, every endpoint was a page in the WordPress system.  Now with the new endpoints, we have one main page "my-account" for example and many endpoints. The url endings after the page slug 'my-account' are the endpoints.

How to integrate only one endpoint of my WooCommerce 'my-account' into BuddyPress.

By default, we have done all for you and moved all my account parts into their BuddyPress places.

Some users do not want to have their addresses synced with BuddyPress and only want to have this endpoint removed from the BuddyPress profile.

For now, the only solution is to use a function to add a filter.

See the video.

This is the example function from the video

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