Add any Page to BuddyPress Member Profile WooCommerce Shop Tab

Manny WooCommerce extensions create there own pages to display there content. Please check if you can find a page for your plugin. In this case you should use this page for the integration. If you cant find a page you need to create one to display the plugin content.

Integrated Pages will:

  1. Redirect the page to the correct profile page. for example, if you include "Sample Page" the url: will be redirected to:
  2. Menu items will be added for each page to the profiles and the admin bar.
  3. All links in menus and on the site will be rewritten to the members url

Step 1. Create a new page to add the Shortcode

You can add any shortcode to the new created page or create a page template and add the shortcode or any php in your template.

Step 2. Add the new created page to the members profile "Shop" tab

Go to the WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration -> Integrate Pages. 

Klick the button  "Add a page to your BuddyPress Member Profiles". In the modal select the page you want to integrate. If you page has sub/child pages select "Integrate Children".

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