Remove Checkout from Member Profile

In some situations it can make sense to move the checkout out of the BuddyPress Member Profiles.

If you run into any trouble during checkout it can be a jQuery conflict with other WooCommerce plugin and most of the time this can be fixed if you separate the checkout from the Members Profile. All the syntonisation will continue Working. Just the checkout page it self will be separated. 

If you want to take the checkout process out of the members profile go to WC4BP General Settings and check Turn off "Cart" tab.

If you want to add the cart back to the Profil and only want the checkout to be separated, you can integrate the cart page or create a new page and add the ShortCode [woocommerce_cart] for the cart display. 

Add your cart page in the WC4BP Plugin Settings under "Integrate Pages".  This will bring back the Cart to the Profile.

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